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North Shore Laundry Services was born out of a need and an idea that hotels, vacation rentals, and resorts on our beloved North Shore deserve a hassle-free, affordable, dependable, and consistent commercial laundry service.  We are business owners, parents, employers, workers, and your neighbors, and we care deeply about our community. We understand the needs and challenges of hospitality businesses on the North Shore because we face those challenges daily.  Ever increasing cost of goods, labor shortages, delivery delays, time constraints, and the intensity of our peak tourist season consume our businesses, and having clean sheets and towels is one of the most crucial aspects of welcoming our guests. At North Shore Laundry Services, we are committed to ensuring that our resort community and all of our guests get the best possible experience and cleanest possible bedding and towels. We are excited to offer a centralized commercial laundry facility that provides flexible service options, dependable pick-up and delivery, and the best possible price.  





We pursue quality in everything we do, from seamless pick-up and delivery to advanced technologies and best practices at our facility, we are committed to providing clean linen and terry in every laundry load.



We take utmost effort to handle your linen and terry with attention to detail and great care in terms of laundering and delivery. Our staff is service minded and are always approachable and courteous to our clients. 



We are committed to utilizing best practices when it comes to water, energy consumption, and chemicals use. We take our responsibility towards the conservation of our beautiful North Shore very seriously; our advanced technology industrial machines use 39% less water and efficient, environmentally friendly chemical program.

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